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Yes I’ve not been around for a while due to the lack of life in my body (but that’s another story). I wonder now, what would the world be like today if certain things in the past had not happened. Such as the assassination of John F Kennedy, WWI & WWII, had the Nazis won WWII war etc.

“I don’t know” is the answer but one thing I do believe is we are now heading towards some kind of major conflict that may include homeland people. If two or more incidents happen similar to President Trumps retaliation to  the Sirian attack, then the only outcome can be is, ‘Gunfight at the OK coral’.



Lost it!

I think I’m going mad, just started to talk to myself. I hope there’s some help out there?


I’ve started to talk

The Everyday Vaper Juice Review: VAPE-WARE Takeover | Joyetech Delta V2 Clearomiser review

I like a “Juicer” who knows their juices, I’m going to keep a regular check on Dr B as he appeals to my way of trying to find the best e-juices on the market.
And talking of Joyetech, I really like their products, but please, please, please sort out those horrid e-liquids you sell. Thank you.

E-cigs, journalists, newspapers and the truth?

Keep up the good work Guys.

Save e-cigs

On Thursday of last week The Daily Mirror newspaper, either on line or in print, carried three stories relating to e-cigarettes:

  1. E-cigs DON’T help smokers quit fags – in fact they make it harder to stop, written by Stephen Beech

  1. E-cigarette health warning: Flavoured nicotine liquid packed full of danger chemicals, researchers claim, written by Jasper Hamill

  1. Do e-cigarettes encourage smoking? School children more likely to try ‘vaping’ than tobacco, written by Mark Smith

And they have recently run the following front page:


The first story highlighted above, written by Stephen Beech puts forward an argument that using e-cigarettes actually makes it harder for people to quit smoking. The overwhelming body of credible evidence makes it clear that this is not actually the case: E-cigarettes actually make it easier for people to quit smoking, by offering them a viable and less harmful alternative. There are 2.1 million vapers in the UK…

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DOVPO DT-50 60.96$

This looks handy.

E-Cigs Weaken Immune Systems in Mice, Study Says

Another menacing, negative article regarding poisons in smoking E-cigs or is it just the juice that’s harmful?


Electronic cigarettes can weaken the immune response in mice, putting them at higher risk for infections like the flu or strep, a new study finds.

The researchers exposed mice to e-cig vapor at comparable concentrations to human users for two weeks. The researchers then exposed the mice to strep and flu, comparing their responses to mice that hadn’t been exposed to the e-cig vapor. The results showed that the mice exposed to e-cig vapor had weakened immune defenses in their lungs and were more susceptible to the infections. The mice exposed to the flu virus were more likely to contract the illness and to die from it.

MORE: What to Know About the Science of E-cigarettes.

The study looked only at mice, not at humans, but the results underscore the need for further research into the effects of e-cigarettes on humans. “E-cig exposure as an alternative to…

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Should ‘Children’ be taught how to read the Tarot?

Teaching Tarot To Kids

I had to check-out this post/article ( after it had been Tweeted to me earlier today. I’m not sure as to why children would need to learn Tarot in the first place, even though this question is partially answered in the first paragraph of this post/article.
Therefore I would like to see what you think about this question!

Below is a POLL which I have set-up specifically to give me some feedback and answers to the above question.

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